Basilique Notre Dame de Beaune

It was something inspirational inside the Basilique Notre Dame of Beaune (Bourgogne) in France. Thinking that’s a little bit much white in its inside walls and the spider cristal lights que j’adore. But the fact is, you can feel clear and beauty. There’s something that lighten up your bag.

Basilique Notre Dame Beaune

On the principal door, you can see a complicated cross bover. Too nice for this size of the basilique. I loved it! And I shared you with the stories instagram a nice creative video, it’s hold on TRAVEL highlight!

Abroad, it has a little garden with a beautiful column corridor. Take a look!

For the curious, this basilique was built in S.XII. The reason for the Ducs du Burgogne and the clergy decided to build a new church was that Beaune become a place of pilgrimage. There come chevaliers (knights) and pilgrims from around Europe to pass and venerate the Virgin before go to Jerusalem.

So, all the architecture inside of the Basilique Notre Dame in Beaune is very pleasant to see. It won’t disappoint you for sure!

When you don’t know why, but always are finding the jungle nature and art together everywhere!

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