Bear coat and low-waist jeans.

The OOTD (Outfit Of Today in bloggers dialect) in a comfy sport grey jersey with sequin touch. A low-waist oversized jeans with high stilettos. And a mega bear warm coat. Do you want to see more? Let’s take the fashion style!

Is it the return of low-waist jeans?

I’ve never been a passionated lover about the oversized and low-waist jeans. Because I always felt that I’m more comfortable fitting in a tight leggings or skinny jeans. More for my curved constitution body, I suppose so.

Fashion Look Ootd from The K Styled Influencer

But there are one’s that I fell in love from I saw it in the boutique. For so many reason it’s a good at tailor on my waist without developing it more. I’m a voluptuous waist woman, so I don’t want to create more volume optical effect! There are from fashion young brand G-STAR RAW DENIM.

For Sport Chic Lovers!

I find so attractive sport and chic looks, with that brilliant sneakers and cute perfect skinny jeans! Mixed with big coat and faux fur lined hood. But I don’t usually wear trainers if I am not working.

So I combined my low-waist jeans with a cool sporty grey jersey! The jersey tight of course! There’s no way for me to oversize pants and jersey. The result is a comfy combo, but glamorous for that beautiful bear coat and a hight stilettos.

Stilettos to stylise and shine.

The stilettos are perfect to stylise your legs fitted in an oversized pants! And velvet is perfect for this time of the year! To ultimate, trying to improve with some fantasy accessories and go out to shine, darling!

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Bear coats, for warm winters!

Bear Coat Fashion Look Ootd from The K Styled Influencer

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