Green tea, for healthy lovers.

There are a lot of variety tea types. And a specific flavour for every tea lover, for sure. And because I am one of those. Today I want to share with you my green tea experience.

A healthy lifestyle lover.

Throughout my life I’ve tried to keep a healthy lifestyle. I really enjoy when I feel that my body is clean. Not only for the exterior. I think is very important to feel good inside to balance your happiness and mental wellness too.

To tell you the truth, like many of you for sure, my life has been a state of different circumstances. So there has been an unhealthy times too. I’m not proud of it, so when I was smoking a lot of cigarettes and drinking lots of coffee my body response with a lot of anxiety. Sometimes you’re under control of it. Many of our chances are written by others, so it’s better to stay envolved with healthy people to keep your wellness too.

A side of those moments, I’ve always been training my body with a lot of sport, to keep my energy and happiness in high levels. And also, my food lifestyle is almost vegan at all. I eat lots of vegetables and fruits. And a little bit of chocolate is my weakness, you know!

My loved tea moments.

I was for a long time a tea lover. I used to drink red tea with milk at mornings, green Sencha tea along the day, and lots of rooibos with cinnamon in the evenings. Then I stopped it, to became a coffee lover for a long three years.

Lately I leaved coffee, to start with infusions again. So, it’s been a little bit hard challenge with myself! But I’m so proud and feeling more comfortable and confident with myself. I’m a really healthy person and I enjoy a lot when I can appreciate that my skin is better, my anxiety disappear from caffeine, and I can smell and taste every flavour with normality.

The bitter taste of green tea.

Green tea is the gold key of tea properties. I know that if you are not habituated to drink it, sometimes it became too bitter to taste. The bitterness of tea is related with the process of boiling that you give also. So you can heat the water in less time.

Green tea proven benefits.

  • Natural antioxidants that prevent cell damage.
  • Improve brain function mood, vigilance, reaction time and memory.
  • Improves dental health.
  • Reduces cholesterol, so reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  • Help to lose weight.
  • Maintain youthful-looking skin.
  • Improve mood and help relax. The caffeine is a stimulant but not a nervous one like the coffee.
  • Powerful medical properties to prevent cancer and illness.
  • Increases fat burning.
  • Reduce the risk of cancer.
  • Reduce the risk of Alzheimer and Parkinson.
  • A natural anti-inflammatory.

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