Hotel-Dieu of Beaune

Founded to take care of the poor and disadvantaged. The Hotel-Dieu, also called Hospices of Beaune (Borgougne, France) was built in 1443 through the hand of Chancellor Nicolas Rolin. It’s a masterpiece and symbol of this centric French town. Where all its work is focused in an amazing 60 hectares of vineyards and the wine creation. 

Christie's Charity Auction to sale the wine
Christie’s Auction House with Hospices de Beaune wine

Beaune is one of the most important wine-maker meeting points. I introduced you this amazing and enchanting town in this post. Hospices of Beaune is a wine-maker hospital, creating for the majority Pinot Noir and the rest of Chardonnay. This delicious and heart made wine takes the sale in the most famous Christie’s charity auction.

Hotel Dieu in Beaune, the courtyard
The courtyard of Hotel-Dieu

The roof, chimneys and courtyard.

A stunning gothic architecture is opened at your eyes when you enter to the principal courtyard. The roofs are covered with beautiful varnished tiles envolved with the skylights and gothic chimneys. 

The poor room.

This charitable institution has thousands of stories behind helping the sick. For this you can visit “the poor room”. This area yet conserves the original beds where the more disadvantaged were attended by the nuns and religious people. 

It was a great movement from the rich’s heart. They want to build a “Palace for the poor” under the spiritual authority of the Holy See. And organised all with the best harmonious management to provides the basic needs to the sick. For this they take care to endow that institution with vineyards, farms and woods.

The institution’s church and history

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