Hotel Murmuri in Barcelona

The most sophisticated and actual dinner times of Barcelona are here. Hotel Murmuri belongs to the luxury Majestic Group Hotels in Barcelona.

Hotel Murmuri in Barcelona

The exclusive emplacement in the hight center of Barcelona, situates you in a privileged and situated area of this beautiful city. Hotel Murmuri is emplaced near Passeig de Gràcia. Where there are the most luxury boutiques for fashion and beauty victims. Like us! 

On the other side, it has the Murmuri’s Restaurant. With a lot of healthy and delicious kinds of meals, sashimis, fish, meat and rices! Elaborated with local and fresh products! Simple, uniqueness!

Hotel Murmuri Restaurant

“Le finesse” in the decoration and the strengths of the violet and blue colours, open the way to the elegant restaurant inside Hotel Murmuri.

Hotel Murmuri Restaurant
Hotel Murmuri Restaurant

Bar Marfil is inside the same building, and you can take a delicious cocktail after your dinner time! It has a creative decoration that involves all the “coquette” environment. Take a look!

Bar Marfil Hotel Murmuri

Now I share a “petite shoot” from me, and wishing you lots of goodness!


  1. Sophie Sarafian 18 octubre, 2018 at 23:49

    Assisted me a lot, just what I was searching for : D.

    1. Karla 20 octubre, 2018 at 13:41

      Thankyou!! I guess so!!

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